Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guess What Just Happened!!?


I turned ONE!

* 1 *

Well, my blog did, that is!

I think that means you all have to give me a gift, right!? Isn't that how birthdays work!!??

Oh wait - this is Blogland, isn't it? I guess that means I should give YOU a gift!

Do you want one!?

First rule is you have to be a follower. If you've got that box checked off the list then go on down & leave a comment telling me what your favorite recipe has been off my blog this past year.

And for a second entry, make a recipe request! I love requests. :o)

And, for a bonus 3rd entry I've gone through my posts over the past month & anyone that has commented here on the blog gets an extra entry! It pays to be chatty, doesn't it! And I love comments so don't be shy!

Bonus entries go to:

Jana and Kayla
Kristi Rowley

Makes me a little sad that I didn't have more to give!


Oh - I haven't mentioned what I'm gonna give out, have I?

I'm gonna make you an apron! I haven't made it yet because I'd like to let you choose the color(s) for it. So whoever takes the prize on this one, just let me know your favorite colors - or the theme of your kitchen - or your favorite pattern style, etc. Give me some details & I'll try my best to match it!


Contest will be open until Sunday, May 22nd, midnight PST.


  1. Happy blog birthday! I am a follower, and my favorite recipe is your pizza bites!

  2. I would love to see a recipe that you use Greek Yogurt in!

  3. I am a follower! I am an almond joy lover and couldn't wait to try your almond joy bites! Yummy!!

  4. I've been looking for a wonderful strawberry cupcake recipe...made with fresh strawberries but I don't like the one with the strawberry jell-o in the cake! I'm a little picky!:)

    Do I need to do another comment saying we commented over the last month?

  5. I have made the carmel popcorn a lot of times!! LOVE IT!!!

  6. We really liked the Brown Sugar Meatloaf!

  7. My family is huge fans of the oreo stuffed brownies...we just tried the Evil Chicken and enjoyed that, too! You have fantastic recipes!

  8. For a request...some freezer meal recipes :) It feels great to have some quick, homemade meals in the freezer and I'm always looking for variety.