Friday, August 5, 2011

Crisco Simple Measures

So - I'm not getting paid to write this or anything. I stumbled upon this bottle recently & just wanted to sing its praises to those of you who may not realize it's out there!

I. Love. It. Do you see that lid? It should look familiar - it's just like the one on top of most laundry detergent bottle. And it has measure lines! You can measure your oil right into the cap, pour it into your pan or recipe & then just put the cap back on the bottle for the oil to drip back into the pool below. Not only is this great for the no-drips-down-the-bottle mess, but I hate when I’m measuring out oil for a recipe & the measuring cup is left all slimy – even after it’s been rinsed. And half the time after the oil cup has been run through the dishwasher it still feels kinda slimy. How wonderful to never have to dirty another measuring cup for oil!

Are you feeling the love?

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