Friday, October 29, 2010 is at it Again!

.... But this time it's my turn! Woo hoo! Remember the fabulous giveaway they offered all my readers last month!? I was excited for the chance for one of YOU to spend $35 on something great from their collection of 200+online stores - with a convenient one-spot check out. Well now I am the lucky one that gets to choose a fabulous product of my own to review and rave about. What will I choose!!?? The obvious answer is something for the kitchen - after all, this is a food blog!! LOL But maybe I'd rather have a new dining room table (OK, OK, that's kinda in the kitchen)! I think Hubby would love it if I got him a new grill (I know, I know - we're still talking food prep! I can't help it!) If I wanted to be a good mom I could get the kids one of the 10,000+ toys available on CSN's site. If I'm gonna be selfish - which I think I deserve to be sometimes - I just might end up with some new bedding for my room!? Ooooo... a nice, comfy, cozy, fluffy, cuddly quilt, perhaps!? There is so much to choose from - keep your eyes peeled for my review in the coming weeks!! I'm looking forward to it!

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  1. Look at this! It would be so fun for the kids' birthday parties!