Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Strawberry Smoothie

Back in high school I worked at a smoothie bar named The Juice Club. After a while it changed its name to Jamba Juice & we had to wear these sill name tags that read "We're changing our name to Jamba Juice but you can still call me MICHELLE!" Then a few years later they bought out a chain named Zuka Juice, too, and Zuka became Jamba. In all, I worked there a total of 5 years & was an assistant manager for a good chunk of it. The pay was what you'd expect of a high schooler's job but the perk of a free smoothie on every shift was enough to keep me around!! LOL I love me a smoothie! I tend to like the less healthy ones, like the chocolate or peanut butter ones, but there's something to be said for a good glass of blended fruit/juice... with a little ice cream, of course! Delish. This is the one that ws known as Strawberries Wild - at least it was about 10-15 years ago when I worked there!! LOL A yummy mix of:

Apple juice, frozen strawberries, fresh banana & vanilla frozen yogurt (or ice cream, but frozen yogurt is much lower in fat!)

Get your blender cup & fill it to 12 oz with apple juice. Then add in 2 scoops of frozen yogurt - or 'Fro Yo' as we called it back then!

I took this picture so you could see what size scoops to make but for some reason the scoop looks enormous to me! Technically you want like a 2 or 3 oz scoop. Two of them.

Now throw in 2 small palm fulls of the frozen berries.

Add half of a banana. Put on the lid & blend until smooth. If you'd like you can add in a handful of ice cubes, too, but I don't usually bother.

This recipe makes a 24-oz smoothie. I split it into 3 8-oz cups for the kids then made a second one for the baby & I to share!

YUM! This is a super kid-friendly treat and a perfect way to get a little extra fruit in their bellies!

Strawberry Smoothie:

12 oz apple juice
2 scoops vanilla frozen yogurt
2 palm-fulls of frozen strawberries
1/2 fresh banana
ice (optional)

Add everything into a blender & blend until smooth! Makes 24-oz.

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  1. This was yummy! Do you have more recipes like this?