Sunday, June 5, 2011

Feeding Your Baby

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I've got 4 kids. Two of them were breastfed and 2 of them were formula babies.  I remember when my first son was born, we began our nursing relationship.  It got off to a rocky start & went downhill fast & it became necessary for him to be formula fed. I wanted to be sure I gave him the best. And I thought that meant the over-priced name-brand stuff. It costs more & it's from a dedicated formula maker -  it has to be better, right? So we did that for a couple of months before I decided that the cost was obnoxious & that I needed to investigate & see if paying twice as much was really worth it.   I compared labels and discovered they were nearly identical!  We made the switch & never looked back - with more money in our pockets to cover all the other costs of having a baby!


Did you know that the major formula company Enfamil was making claims that store brand formulas were sub-par?  Yep - it's true.  So the store brand folks took the major guys to court for trashing them. And guess what happened? Store brand formulas won!  They all have to pass the same FDA quality standards - otherwise they wouldn't be able to sell it. So if you decide to go with formula for your little one, please don't feel like you are giving your baby anything less by choosing a store brand formula.  It's just as good as the fancy stuff - even the courts agree!  High-5 for the little guys tackling the big dogs!


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