Friday, July 2, 2010

Chicken Alfredo Penne with Broccoli

One of my friends (thank you, Kristi!) posted this on her blog & I thought it sounded good so we tried it out at our house! She's not a measurement sort of a girl so I had to guess on amounts - and I think I was a bit off in some areas. I'll say what I used and then what I think we'll try next time.

Here's our group of ingredients:

Penne, broccoli, Parmesan, Alfredo & some cooked chicken (not pictured).

I grilled the chicken on the stovetop while the pasta boiled & the broccoli steamed. If you have leftover chicken or canned chicken or those pre-cooked strips you could use those, too. Whatever you have, just dice it up into bites.

I cooked up 6-7 of those frozen chicken tenders.

Boil up your pasta & steam your broccoli. I have a nifty pot that is made for boiling pasta - and it has a steaming basket that sits on top, too, so I just did it all together.

Heat up your Alfredo sauce & then just mix it all together!

Top it with some shredded Parmesan & call it done! We put it with Caesar salad & peaches tonight. Who knew my kids would inhale their salads the way they did tonight!!?? I think we found a new 'veggie' to add into the rotation!

I used 1 jar of Alfredo sauce, 1 box of pasta, maybe 4 cups of broccoli & probably 2 cups of cooked chicken. I didn't think it was saucy enough so I think next time I'll either just use 1/2 a box of pasta (which would be plenty for our family) or use more of EVERYTHING else.... which would give tons of leftovers.

Also, the gal at the grocery store check out was saying this is something she likes to make but she uses steamed green beans instead of broccoli. Sounds good to me!

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