Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly Menu, 7/19 - 7/25

This is kinda recover-from-vacation-week.... except that my hubby is still off on yet another adventure! Poor guy has only slept in his own bed 3 of the last 12 nights!

Monday: (drive home from California) Fried ham, pasta & green bean fries

Tuesday: Chicken enchiladas, corn & peaches

Wednesday: (Zac gone) Spaghetti, green beans & garlic bread

Thursday: (Zac gone) Chicken, corn & black bean tacos, tomalito

Friday: (Zac gone) Tuna Helper & crescent rolls

Saturday: Brown sugar meatloaf, silver dollars & peas

Sunday: Lemonade pork chops, carrot chips & parmesan pasta

1 comment:

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