Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekly Menu, 11/1- 11/7

I've been awfully lazy about making & posting menues lately! And it makes it so much harder to get dinner on the table when I don't already know what we're having - and that I have all I need to make it ready in the pantry & fridge. So I really need a swift kick in the behind to get me posting menus again! What are you guys having this week? Trying any new recipes?

Monday: (Zac @ work) Fish sticks, mac & cheese, strawberries, smoothies

Tuesday: (Zac @ work) Chicken nuggets, bananas

Wednesday: Kielbasa coins, pasta-roni, spinach salad

Thursday: 3-Cheese Penne, carrot sticks, green salad, crescent rolls

Friday: (Zac @ work) Hot dogs, mac & cheese, applesauce

Saturday: Grilled chicken, green bean fries, peaches

Sunday: (Zac @ work) Pulled pork, green peas

........ can you tell that I totally go lazy on the days Hubby's on shift!!?? I love to cook - but I also like to feel like the food was appreciated & frankly, the kids don't care if I spent 2 hours on a hand-battered, pan-fried, basted-in-homemade-sauce, then-finally-baked sweet & sour chicken or if I pop some frozen, machine battered meat into the toaster oven for 15-18 minutes at 350 so..... you can obviously see which one I choose!!! LOL

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