Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Considering a Name Change

Last May when I started this blog I kinda figured it'd go the way of a lot of my projects - fail & fizzle out once the initial enthusiasm wore off. So I didn't put too much thought into the name. I just thought of a phrase that usually associates with food. When Hubby & I are out & I smell a burger joint or BBQ place with some meat over the flame I'd breathe it in & say "Mmmmm.... Do you smell that!!?" I'm sure you've all done it - driving past McD's & you can smell the fries; pass a KFC in a parking lot & you can smell the finger lickin' goodness; walked into a smoothie bar & smell all the fresh squeezed oranges; walk into your own home after being out all day to the aroma of the crock pot meal you put in that morning. Before you ever taste food you see it. Before you see it you smell it. Smell is the first sense that tells you something good is cooking! So the name made sense.


Within a month or two I didn't really like it anymore. Once I realized I was going to stick with this food blog stuff I felt like the name wasn't good enough anymore (because I know I've also used the phrase in the darkness of my bedroom as I close my eyes & our beloved dog releases a little pressure, if you know what I'm saying!!! LOL) I've been wanting to change it but haven't really put in the brain power to come up with something better. And now that I'm in the running for a Beautify Your Blog complete makeover, now is the time to do it!! So that's where YOU come in!


Please leave me some suggestions - and if I happen to choose yours you might just get a little treat in the mail!! Thanks, everyone! I look forward to your suggestions!


  1. I actually like the name. Sorry I'm no help.

    If you can afford it though, Wordpress is so much easier and everything about it is customizable.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Crystal! I posted the same plea on Facebook & everyone pretty much shared your sentiments - keep the name. So I guess if YOU all like it then it's good enough for me! :o)

    Re: Wordpress - I'm really not that tech savvy & I'm just to the point where I'm comfortable here (there are actually a few things I still need to figure out - just haven't found time to study it out yet) so I'm intimidated by the thought of moving! I don't need anything fancy, though. The freebie templates and do-it-yourself headers are good enough for me... but of course I'd LOVE to win a makeover by the pros! *fingers crossed*