Monday, January 17, 2011

I am in a CONTEST! And I need YOUR vote!

There's a blog named Infusion Design Studios that was/is running a contest for a complete blog makeover. The nomination stage was the first half of January and I made it in the TOP 10!!

Woo hoo!! *High 5*

But now I need YOU to go vote for me! You can vote once per day so pretty, pretty PLEASE click this link (the flashing picture below) & throw a vote my way! There is no log-in or signing up for anything - you just click the link, check the button beside Do You Smell That!!? and hit submit! I would be SO appreciative if you'd do it... every single day until midnight on January 28 - that's next Friday!

The other 9 blogs in the running have anywhere from 130 - 738 followers! YIKES! That's some intimidating competition so PLEASE go give me a click!


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