Wednesday, April 20, 2011

S'mores - without a campfire

After our yummy ham dinner this past Sunday I decided we needed some S'mores! Obviously we weren't out camping & we are not lucky enough to have a fire pit in the back yard... so what's a gal to do!? Use the broiler, of course!

I'm sure you know the fixings, but just to keep with my usual way of doing things:

Graham crackers, marshmallows & chocolate!

Have you seen these fun new marshmallows from the Jet-Puffed crew!? They're flat squares! Perfect for Kitchen S'mores! If I'm out camping I still want my fat round guy on a stick but at home - these are genius!

No big mystery here - lay down a cracker, top it with chocolate & then the marshmallow!

Stick it under the broiler - not too close. You don't want to burn your 'mallow before the middle gets gooey!

Once they're browned to your liking pull them out...

& top with another cracker.

Ta da!! Yum, yum yum!

All right - now for the particulars... Personally, I didn't love the melted chocolate that happened by putting the candy under the broiler with it all, but everybody else did. They were pretty messy, too. So, next time I think I'll od half this way & then for the other half of the pan I'll add the chocolate after they've browned, when i add the top cracker. I love the variety of textures you get between the crispy cracker, gooey marshmallow & a firm piece of chocolate.


Kitchen S'mores:

Graham crackers
chocolate candy bars

Lay your crackers on a pan. Top with chocolate & then a marshmallow. Put about 6 inches from the broiler & allow to brown to your liking. Remove & top with another cracker.

For a less melted chocolate center do not add the chocolate until after removing from the oven.


  1. I do this in microwave. The marshmallow doesn't get toasted instead the edges get chewy like macaroons and then crunchy like meringue cookies but the centers are still soft.

  2. I'm with you. I don't like my chocolate melted.