Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekly Menu, 8/02 - 8/08

This is gonna be a disaster of a menu!! LOL Zac's working 4 days this week & the 2 weekdays he's home we've got plans right at dinner time. Thank goodness for Sunday dinner or else this would be completely pathetic... right now it's only mostly pathetic!!

Monday: (Zac @ work) Quesadillas, apples

Tuesday: (Zac @ work) Free hot dogs & soda at National Night Out!

Wednesday: (Zac @ work) Baked Spaghetti, peaches, french bread,

Thursday: (Pampered Chef show) Zac's in charge - probably a pizza!

Friday: (Going to Dream Dinners) Eat out?

Saturday: (Zac @ work) Grilled orange chicken, pasta-roni, peas

Sunday: Crock pot roast w/ potatoes & carrots, salad, corn bread

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