Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Camera is MISSING! :o(

I've made a couple of yummy things over the past few days, but my kids were playing with my camera (they had permission - that's the beauty of digital cameras... they can go on photo shoots, taking pictures of anything & EVERYTHING they want - and no wasted film. I just delete them later) BUT!! They swear up & down that they left it on the kitchen table - and it's not there. It's not anywhere. I have searched every little nook & cranny of my home - all the little hiding spots that a 3-footer might think would be cool to store a camera as well as all the obvious spots. Empty handed. I had a hard time making dinner yesterday because I kept stopping to grab my camera for a pic - but it wasn't there! *sigh* Didn't want to just post a boring black & white recipe - I love pictures - so I'm trying to not go crazy (or through withdrawals!) as I patiently continue the search for my elusive camera. Thanks for your patience!


  1. oh no i cant believe you still cant find it. thats just the pits sorry. get down on your knees and think of where those little hands would put them. hopefully it will show u somewhere just hopefully not out in the soggy grass after the sprinklers are on. Yikes that would not be cool huh!. Hey sorry i didnt call you after your spahgetti dinner we got a surprise visit from my brother this week and kinda of put us all in shock and in hig speed mode. he came home from iraq for a week. it was such a nie surprise and are loving every moment of him being home. thanks for the dinenr it was so yummy. i think i ate myself sick. I have never eaten that much dinner ever. I probably had like 4 servings and 5 peices of garlic bread. its was to die for. youre amazing. is there anything you cant do seriously. LOL thanks again.

  2. Awe! Thanks, Keri! You're always so full of kind words!