Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekly Menu, 6/28 - 7/4

Monday: (Zac @ work) The neighbor fed my kids! LOL Mac 'n cheese & hot dogs

Tuesday: (Zac @ work) Pineapple glazed ham, carrot sticks, Pasta-roni

Wednesday: (Zac @ scouts) Sloppy Joes, silver dollars, corn

Thursday: (Nolan's 5th birthday!) Honey French Toast, sausage, strawberries

Friday: Chicken Penne Alfredo w/ broccoli, peaches & peas

Saturday: Cranberry catalina chicken (fell off ... again!), garlic green beans, cheese & garlic biscuits

Sunday: (Zac @ work) Tuna Helper - yep, the Betty Crocker kind! - with toast/butter

1 comment:

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