Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1,000 Hits Giveaway Winner!!

This was totally random thanks to a site called Random.org! You can go give it a number range & it will randomly generate a winner! So I went in and entered our range of 1 - 9 (and can I just say I was so relieved that you guys actually entered this thing! I would have been sad & embarrassed if I'd done a giveaway & nobody entered!!! LOL) OK - back on topic! ***drumroll*** Random.org chose:

Entry #5: Jim Rowley who said: "Mmmmm. Cookies."

Congratulations to the lone testosterone that entered the contest! I'm happy to make a special request or I can choose & just surprise you!

And.... speaking of GIVEAWAYS!!! I was contacted this morning by an online retailer and.... they want me to host a giveaway for them!! My little, insignificant blog was found by a big guy!! LOL I feel like a little rolly-polly potato bug that just wandered into the sun! So keep your eyes peeled for that - coming soon!!


  1. That's great news Michelle!!! Congrats to you and congrats to Jim for the random draw! :)

  2. oh WOW I didnt even know till today your were giving away cookies. Darn it. Thats awesome congrats on 1,000 visitors and welcome to the big world little rolly polly bug. I will check in more with al these new and exciting things happening. You know me I think I use about half your recipes a week. Thanks for supplying my family with good homecook meals and scrumptious desserts. LOL. congrats again.

  3. Surprise me... without nuts. Love oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, or really anything.