Monday, September 27, 2010

"Trailer Treats" (Peanut Butter Ritz Sandwich Crackers)

Yes, we call these Trailer Treats. It's a rude, stereotype of a name & I mean no offense to any of my friends that live in a trailer! I spent all morning trying to think of something else more appropriate to call them but I just can't get it. Redneck Ritz? Poor Man's Cookie? Zero Skill Sandwich Cookie? Pantry Nuggets? No Bake Delights? TRAILER TREATS! These are a 3-ingredient cookie that require no baking, no mixers, no cookie sheets... I almost feel embarrassed to tell people what they are because they are SO simple and un-culinary-skilled, but I feel it would be a crime against humanity if I kept it to myself because they are just plain & simply delicious.

Here are our ingredients:

Ritz crackers, creamy peanut butter and chocolate almond bark.

Start out by spreading some peanut butter (about 1 tsp) onto a Ritz.

Then top with another cracker.

Now melt your chocolate, according to the package directions, and dip one whole sandwich, turning over to coat completely. Gently tap against the side of the bowl to remove the excess chocolate. I also use a fork to scrape the bottom side of the fork that is holding the cracker to help get all the extra off.

Now, normally when I make these I set them on a piece of waxed paper to set up but I thought I was SO clever when I decided to set these on my cooling rack, thinking the drips would just fall through onto the waxed paper below. DON'T DO THIS! The chocolate dried around the wires and stuck to the rack! I couldn't get them off without taking the whole bottom layer of chocolate off the cookies. :o( FAIL. But, even with most of the bottom chocolate missing, they are still delicious!

Mmm...... so simple but so good!

Do you think anyone would notice if I took a bite?

YUM! Look at that fabulous combination of sweet & salty, soft & crunchy. Trailer treats. Who knew!?

Trailer Treats:

Peanut butter
Almond bark, chocolate flavored

Use 2 Ritz and about 1 teaspoon of peanut butter to make sandwiches.

Melt chocolate according to the package directions. Dip cookies into the chocolate & remove to waxed paper until set.


Wanna see the woops?

Boooooooooo for wasted chocolate!


  1. uh...YUM! call them whatever you want these looks soooo good. i am all about the combo of salty and sweet!! we might be making these this weekend!

  2. When are you going to post those yummy "COOKIES" you made and delivered to Jim! We had some lastnight and they were sooo yummy! Not good for the hips, but sooo good. I'm glad Jim isn't selfish and shares!

  3. Yum! We used to make those growing up for road trips... So good.

  4. Yum! I just love these things! Thanks for linking up to last week's Sweet Thursday. Hope to see you at this month's Fall edition!