Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekly Menu, 9/6 - 9/12

Been a while since I posted my menu - sorry about that! Had more camping + school starting + sick baby + tired Mama = no menus for the past 2 weeks! Hopefully now that routines are starting to be cemented again I can get back on track with my menu planning! It just makes the day go so much smoother when I already know what's for dinner & I know that I have it in my pantry/fridge ready to go!

Monday: Blue cheeseburgers, green bean fries, salad

Tuesday: Baked chicken, tater tots, peas & carrots

Wednesday: (Zac @ work) Tacos, corn, carrot sticks

Thursday: (Zac @ work) Grilled cheese, chicken soup

Friday: (MEEEEEEE out of town!) Zac's in charge.

Saturday: (MEEEEEEE out of town!) Zac's in charge.

Sunday: Pulled pork, silver dollars, salad

1 comment:

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