Monday, March 14, 2011


My friend Kristi, from Kristi's Kitchen Kreations, tagged me in a Four Times Four post. Here you go!

Four Places I Go:
1. Target/Walmart/Costco - I need to go somewhere every day!
2. Little Lambs - playgroup
3. The school - 3 times a day!
4. Anywhere that'll sell me a Diet Coke from the fountain!

Four Favorite Smells:
Ok - this is where you're all gonna judge me! There is seriously something wrong with my Olfactory System! LOL Good smells smell good to me - but so do bad smells. Some of the smells that I absolutely gag on are some that a lot of people love, though - cut grass & fresh rain. My 4 favorites are probably:
1. Skunk
2. Cow manure
3. Men's deodorant
4. Lemon

Four Favorite TV Shows/Movies:
1. The Bachelor
2. Survivor
3. Glee
4. Grey's Anatomy

Four Recommendations:
1. Laugh as much as possible
2. Smile at strangers
3. Let your kids get dirty
4. Have a standing date night with your spouse

Tag Four Others:
1. Keri @ Raising Noble Men
2. Heather @ My Little Spoons
3. Jana @ Double the Deliciousness
4. Mandy @ Mandy's Recipe Box

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  1. ahhh thanks for tagging me. I tihnk thats funny you like the smell of skunks. youre not the first to tell me that either. whats wrong with you crazy people. skunks STINK!! LOL ill try and get my 4-times-4 post up soon. keep your eye out okay. oh and by the way Im super excited to try out your lobster cheese bisquits. so mouth watering I cant wait to make them and not have to give a tip in return.